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Northern green python
Morelia azurea
(MEYER, 1874)

Number of Subspecies:03
Information Source for Taxonomy:D. J.D. Natusch, D. Esquerré, J. A. Lyons, A. Hamidy, A. R. Lemmon, E. M. Lemmon, A. Riyanto, J. S. Keogh and S. Donnellan. 2019. Species Delimitation and Systematics of the Green Pythons (Morelia viridis complex) of Melanesia and Australia. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution.
IUCN status:NE (Not Evaluated)

Current Holdings • Former Holdings
  Japan (1 Holding(s)):
  • Kawazu (iZoo) 
    Holding(s): 1