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Brown forest cobra
Naja subfulva
(Syn.: Naja melanoleuca subfulva)

Photo by: R. Mantei
Additional images here: www.biolib.cz

Number of Subspecies:00
Information Source for Taxonomy:WÜSTER, W. et al., 2018. Integration of nuclear and mitochondrial gene sequences and morphology reveals unexpected diversity in the forest cobra (Naja melanoleuca) species complex in Central and West Africa (Serpentes: Elapidae). Zootaxa 4455 (1): 068–098
IUCN status:LC (Least Concern)

Current Holdings • Former Holdings
Europe (EU)
  Austria (1 Holding(s)):
  • Reichenau (Reptilienzoo Nockalm) 
    Holding(s): 1
    North America
      United States of America (1 Holding(s)):
  • Slade (Kentucky Reptile Zoo) 
    Holding(s): 1
      Rwanda (1 Holding(s)):
  • Kigali (Kandt House Museum) 
      South Africa (1 Holding(s)):
  • Scottburgh (Crocworld) 
      Tanzania (1 Holding(s)):
  • Duka Bovu (Meserani Snake Park) 
      Uganda (2 Holding(s)):
  • Entebbe (Uganda Reptiles Village) 
  • Entebbe (Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education Centre - Entente Zoo)) 
    Holding(s): 5