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Two-spotted palm civet
(African palm civet)
Nandinia binotata
(GRAY, 1830)

Photo by: A. Meyer
Additional images here: www.biolib.cz

Number of Subspecies:04
Subspecies:01. Nandinia binotata binotata - from Gambia to DR Congo, including Bioko Island
02. N.b. arborea - Kenya, South-Sudan, North-Tanzania, and Uganda
03. N.b. gerrardi - Malawi, Mozambique, S&E Tanzania (presumambly also Zanzibar Island), NE Zambia, and E Zimbabwe
04. N.b. intensa - Angola, S DR Congo, and ZW Zambia
Information Source for Taxanomy:Wilson, Don E. / Mittermeier, Russell A. HANDBOOK OF THE MAMMALS OF THE WORLD; Vol. 1 - Carnivores, 2009
Habitat:Occurs from lowland to montane tropical rainforest, up to 2500m
Head-Torso-Length:45 - 60 cm
Tail length:45 - 60 cm
Weight:1,2 - 3 kg
Food:Fruits, Rodents, Insects
IUCN status:LC (Least Concern)

Current Holdings
  • Rockenhausen (Tierpark Donnersberg) 
    Number: 1
    other EAZA countries
  • Poznan (Nowe Zoo) 
  • Bojnice (Zoo) 
    Number: 2