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Johnston`s mangabey
(Johnston`s crested mangabey)
Lophocebus johnstoni
(Syn.: Lophocebus albigena johnstoni)
(LYDEKKER, 1900)

Images here: www.biolib.cz

Number of Subspecies:00
Information Source for Taxonomy:Groves, C.P (2007). "The Endemic Uganda Mangabey, Lophocebus ugandae, and Other Members of the albigena-Group (Lophocebus)". Primate Conservation 22: 123–128.
Head-Torso-Length:45 - 73 cm
Tail length:67 - 100 cm
Weight:4,7 - 9 kg
IUCN status:NT (Near Threatened)

Current Holdings • Former Holdings
There are no known current holdings.